Can you build muscle at home?

20161130_173012In my living room which I convert to an exercise space for an hour every day!

The answer to that is definitely yes you can!  When I was a teenager, my eldest brother was bodybuilding at home; the result was impressive. Huge biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, calf muscle, thigh, core, etc. He was far bulkier than his mates that go to the gym every day. That was the first evidence that I had.

A lot of people dismiss the notion that home workout is a waste of time and effort and won’t hesitate in ridiculing people that do. People have bought into this and equally dismissed working out at home.

As someone who has a different experience I want to encourage people to put in some effort and start working out at home, this is because you save lots of time, you are not distracted from folks who look down on you when you are doing your stuff.

Recently I started trawling the internet to find out what people think about working out at home. Most comments were so negative; some commentators and blog authors wrote that individuals that work out at home are penny pinchers or can’t afford a gym membership. That ain’t the case. Most people don’t have the time or can’t easily commute to and from the gym. My job is to encourage people to spend less than an hour every day at home to get the result that they want. Perhaps you may not have the body of Arnold Schwarsneger or The Rock (it is possible), but you will definitely do a lot better than most people and vastly superior to those that do nothing.

This is my first post regarding this topic, and I hope that I will be able to convince or motivate a lot of people to start working out at home. I will be updating this blog as often as possible with videos, photos and tricks. Even if your goal is not muscle hypertrophy, you can drastically improve your health and keep your weight in check by doing some simple exercises at home.