Author has a BSc in Medical Physiology and Therapeutics, one of my modules during my final year at university is Skeletal Muscle Physiology & Metabolism in Exercise, Health & Disease. Before I started the module, I was already working out at home with impressive muscles bulging out of my clothes to show for it. I learnt a lot from some of the world brightest minds in Muscle Research and amino acids; which contributed immensely with what I had already suspected about muscle hypertrophy.

I started this blog because of the endless questions strangers ask me at supermarkets, fuel stations, on the street, etc. The most common question is “How did you have such big muscles, how do you train, which gym do you go to?” They are always shocked when I said I’ve never been to the gym. Using dumbells and body weight in a smart way is equally effective.

I am here to motivate people that are considering a gym alternative or the home workouts doubters, even if you are not interested in muscle growth, home workouts does have numerous benefits for your overall health. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that home workouts should replace the gym unless you can afford the gym equipment at home. I am emphasising the use of free weights and body weights. Feel free to ask me any question.
Best Wishes